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Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are put in place to protect and restore teeth when large amounts of tooth structure are missing due to cavities or fractures. Crowns can be made of porcelain fused to metal, or even gold, depending on whether you want a natural or stylized look.

The process of installing a crown takes just two visits to the dentist. On the first visit the tooth will be prepared so that the crown can be placed over it, and a local anesthetic is used so that you don’t experience any discomfort.

Once the tooth has been reshaped, a mold will be taken and sent off to a dental lab. You’ll be fitted with a temporary crown in the meantime, and once the permanent crown is sent back to us, you’ll come back to get the permanent crown placed.

Crowns generally last a long time, and you can brush and floss them just like regular teeth. Questions? We’re happy to answer them.